adapter_config tool question

Hi, has anyone found a way to use the adapter_config tool in a command line form? From what I’ve been able to find out I’m not sure that’s possible. Or has anyone been able to modify adapter configurations without having to use the adapter_config tool? I know that’s not recommended.

The reason I’m wondering is our support person has to connect over a dial-up connection during emergencies, and the adapter_config tool’s response time is drastically slow. We’re moving towards a VPN type of connection, but in the meantime we’re stuck with the dial-up connection. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Jeff

I just went through this learning curve and just got a response yesterday.

Locate the PDF documentation Adapter_development_Kit.pdf. There is a chapter called ‘Adapter Command Line Tools’.

The relevant bits are located in other pdf files, but are hard to find IMHO.

Here is the specific bit you need.

usage: adapter_restart [ -start ] [ -stop ] [ ] …
If no adapter process name is given, restarts all configured adapter processes.
Otherwise, restarts only the specified adapter processes.
Each adapter process is identified by its client id and broker name.
The -start option starts a configured adapter process.
The -stop options stops a running adapter process.
need to supply an even number of parameters (clientId/brokerName)

PLEASE NOTE. The caveat to this method is the adapters in question must have been created and started at least once with the ADAPTER_CONFIG tool.

I can’t recommend it, but the way I try things is goto the BIN directory, look for things that look interesting and command stylish, and type the command with a complete bogus parameter. That usually gives the usage of the command and a clue what it does.

-Michael E. Engelby
Gelco Information Network

I have manually edited adapter configurations before without any ill effects.