I try ADABCK SUMMARY and ADABCK RESTORE on a very old backup and got this error message:

%ADABCK-E-ILLLOG, illegal log number detected, present 1, expected 0

Documentation says “Specify the correct PLOG number.”

Where can I find, specify it :?:

Hi lajos,

Your information raises some questions.

  1. Actually a ADABCK RESTORE does not ask for log numbers. A regenerate would do it.
  2. How old is your backup you want to restore?
  3. What is your current version of Adabas you are using?

Thanks and regards,

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Hi Wolfgang!

Thank you for your quick answare!

1., I see but what docu was thinking about “Specify the correct PLOG number.”
2., I’m not sure about the ADABAS version but before Version
3., Because the current version is Version

In addition:

  • I have checked this ILLOG message in docu V and latest one. Both says “Specify the correct PLOG number.”
  • as I know all newer version of ADABCK able to accept backups made by earlier ADABCK version.

Hi Lajos,

Would it be possible to send me the entire log.
Adabas 3.3. is a very old version. The current version is 6.3.
With the current version we are downward compatible to Adabas 3.3 in terms backups.


Hi Wolfgang,

here is the log:
bash-2.03$ pwd
bash-2.03$ export BCK001=./ADABCK.bck
bash-2.03$ adabck summary
%ADABCK-I-STARTED, 12-JUL-2013 13:43:31, Version (Solaris 64Bit)
%ADABCK-I-TRTABS, using user translation table (ADA_TRANS_TAB)
%ADABCK-F-OPNERR, dataset BCK001, file ./ADABCK.bck could not be opened
%ADABCK-E-ILLLOG, illegal log number detected, present 1, expected 0
%ADABCK-I-IOCNT, 0 IOs on dataset BCK001
%ADABCK-I-ABORTED, 12-JUL-2013 13:43:31, elapsed time: 00:00:00

So I assume that ADABCK.bck was made by earlier version but not sure. Anyhow does not matter because of the downward compatibility.

Also not sure that may db002 has been changed/reconfigured since ADABCK.bck was made but does not matter because ADABCK summary read only BCK001 I think.

Thanks, Lajos.

Hi Lajos,

I am afraid, that your backup is too old, and can no longer be processed any more, except you still have the Adabas version it was created with. My assumption is that the backup structure of previous Adabas versions was different, and that this is the reason for the error messages. I am not quite sure, but I think that the v3.3 backup was only downward compatible up to v3.1.