Adabas SQLGateway & Hibernate


I want to use Adabas SQL Gateway(CONNX) with Hibernate(version 3.1).
But Hibernate seem to is not support Adabas SQL Gateway.
(Dialect class for Adabas SQL Gateway is not exist.)

I must add a new Dialect class? or Dialect class for Adabas SQL Gateway is already exist?
If someone knows , Please teach me.

I don

Please try the attached CONNXDialect (7.36 KB)

Thank you for your reply.
I try CONNXDialect.

I appreciate your kindness.

Hi ! I use Adabasd in my enterprise with jboss and i see that a lot of people search a dialect to speak good with, so i make one, i hope that it can help some peoples :wink:

Hi ! BoBlepepeur

Thanks for your nice information.
But I don’t use AdabasD. (I use Adabas + SQLGateway)
When I use AdabasD , I will use your Dialect class.

By the way, your Dialect class is not supported an offset yet?
If AdabasD is support an offset, I think better support it.(Unfortunately SQLGateway is not supported it.)

:wink: i don’t know if hibernate want to support my dialect in theire newier version, but for the moment i maintain the code :wink:

Does someone have file available for download ?? I can´t download it from the link above.