Adabas response code 240


We upgraded our mainframe Adabas from 744 to 814 and encountered the error: Adabas response code 240 when executing Native SQL statement EXEC Adabas. The error refers : ATM encountered an error. There is no sub code to this error. We have never used Adabas Transaction Manager in this environment.

Has anyone experienced this error before? We had to backout the upgrade as critical applications were failing with the error.

Your assistance will be appreciated.


The response code 240 is reserved for AMT and we have never seen this in a non AMT environment.

So I think this is an invalid value which is passed back in the ACBRSP field and get´s then displayed as 240.

One idea would be to look at the command log to see what is there.

The hex value for 240 is x´F0´, can be the EBCDIC value for zero ?

Did the call ever succeed to reach Adabas nucleus ?

Anything overwrites the ACB ?

I would suggest to proceed this topic via the official support channels 8)

Thanks for the advice, I have opened an incident with SAG support.