ADABAS/ Natural questions about policy


I’m using ADABAS with Natural… but I don’t know more information about the system.

I would like to know more about ADABAS, like:

  • How can I see the policies?
  • How can I see the users roles/ profiles?
  • How can I check the policies?

I also would like to know:

  • How to verify the version of ADABAS (or even Natural)
  • How and where can I verify if a user has an administrator profile applied for him (her)?
  • How to verify if the accounts are blocked with a number of unsuccessful login attempt and how to verify how many times are required to block the user? How to verify if the users can be unblocked only by the administrators or they will be unblocked after some time?
  • How to verify if exists some password change policy and how long does it take to ask for the new password?
  • How to verify if the ADABAS record the lasts passwords used by the user? How to verify how many passwords does the system records?
  • How to verify if the standard users were disabled/ erased or their standard passwords were changed? Does anyone knows who are the standard users and the respective standard passwords for them?

Thanks in advance,

Rafael Borghi

Hello Rafael,

Please let us know the platform that you are using so that the answers can be more specific for you.

Best regards,


This really sounds to me more like NATURAL / NATURAL Security questions !