Adabas/Natural Basics

Hi everyone,

I am currently looking for adabas/natural developers and was looking mainly for advice. This is the first time I have worked with Adabas Natural and would be greatful to gain any advice as to the background of such people, where these skillsets can be found etc to help me with my resourcing.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



I assume you did not get any response to you enquiry.

For what positions and where (location) are you looking to place these resources?

What is the current demand for Natural/ADABAS contractors in the UK - especially for contractors who are not UK citizens.

Hi Garry,

It is Mainframe development in Scotland.

I specialise in the Scottish market so I would probably not be the best person to answer on the overall UK demand. However, there are a number of companies in the UK still working with Adabas and contracting in this area is probably more prominent in England. There are fewer companies in Scotland with this technology but the roles would be more permanent based from my experience.

As for non-UK citizens it all depends on the company and how soon they need somebody in place.