adabas hp-ux 11.3 6.1.2 format buffer pool

How is the format buffr pool alloacted since FBP is no longer a tunable parameter in ADABAS? This is for 6.1.2.

My rate of hit has gone from 99% to 13% and the displays are making no sense.

In 2 days I have seen 141 million overflows which at times makes no sense other than we do a lot of web services and the messages indicate our pool is too small which also isn’t true, size 102k high usage 1048576 and it has not been maxed.

Also when does it use local and when does it use global.

I know I need to find my internals documentation.

thanks in advance.

Mike Waldron

Got the answer. The code to analyze the format buffer and do translations was too cpu intensive, so, the FBP tunable parameter was removed so it wouldn’t get too large.

It was felt that the actual real time translations were faster than analyzing the buffer.

The OVERFLOW stat doesn’t seem to mean a problem, thus in open systems, you will not received a 042 error.

So our 13% format buffer translation rate, appears not to be a problem.

I accept this at the moment.

Mike Waldron