Active Transfer Web Client Access - {SSO}

webMethods 10.15 (On prem)

Hi guys,

Just to give a background about the use case:

We have got our company’s portal where we allow an OAuth token-based authenticated access to our customers. Once they are in the portal, based on their permissions, they can select the product they want to work on. Some of these products have got their portals and to provide user access, the session manager uses the same token to automatically sign customers in on those portals.

We want to integrate our ATS web client portal into our company’s main portal and would like to have a token-based authentication or something similar to SSO as described above where users will only have to login once on our main portal.

As we know, the ATS web client has got its login page where-in users need to provide an AD / Non AD credentials to gain access to the portal.

Is there a way for us, to bypass this login page as described above?

Any help would be highly appreciated.