Activation field equal for diferent service invocations

I ran across a problem that does not make any sense to me at all. I have a simple top level service that accepts some inputs, populates a document and publishes it to the broker… nothing fancy at all.
Nevertheless, recently, I realized on the logs and because of some user complaints that the service produced multiple duplicate (???) messages on the broker.

In a first look at the system it appeared that the clients invoking the service had some problems and did it multiple times, and I enabled service audit to troubleshoot this… but a closer look revealed that the actual broker documents had the exact same activation field value… and that made me wonder, why?

The invoked service only publishes 1 document, and this is VISIBLE in the flow (there are no loops, etc…)… but I have several documents coming from that service with the same activation generated by IS.

I think this is impossible according to my knowledge on how the activation field works… actually I re-read the documentation about this I continued with the same opinion.

Did anybody run into something similar?


Hi All,

I am facing a similar problem.
Activation Id’s are same for different invocations but this happenes only when invocation is done by a java client.
If invoked by webMethods server acting as client AQctivation Id’s are indeed different.
Not sure why it behaves differently if the invoked by a java service.

Please Help !!


Hi All,
One more finding.
Apparently Activation ID’s are connected with the session.
If the java client sends “Keep-Alive” in Http header then Activation ID generated is same.
If the “Keep-Alive” is removed from Http header then activation Id generated is unique among each invokation of a service.
In essence if clients are using cookies then Activation ID’s would not be unique for each toplevel service.

Can anybody confirm my finding?