Action bar menu manipulation through custom service

I was looking to manipulate the action bar items. I found action bar service which can be used to do that. But when i see the response of the action bar service i see the items properties as below. I dont see any id or name of the action bar menu which can used to manipulate it.

So im wondering if i have to remove or move the items to some other place how can i do that?

Looking for the guidance on how it can be achieved.

Hi @Bishan_T_Prasad,

You might be able to use the component attribute to identify the exact entry you would like to remove.
If not, it is probably easier to just hide the item via CSS and add a new one if required.


Hi @Tristan_Bastian,

I would want to create a new dropdown and move Add widget and Restore dashboard buttons under that.

It would be easier to identify the menu if ID or name properties are added in the future.