Accumulating multiple polling events

I have an application where I must trap changes to sales orders � whenever an order line is inserted, updated, or deleted, I need to grab the entire order and process it. This would imply having 3 triggers on the order line table (insert, update, delete) to catch all the activity. However, when an order is created with say 5 lines, I don�t want to have 5 insert events triggering the processing 5 times � I just want to know that the order changed at least once in the polling period, and then process it once.

To add to the challenge:

  • I don�t have permission to put custom triggers and tables in the DB.
  • There�s no guarantee that a change to an order line will update the order header, so I can�t just poll the header.
  • The SELECT DISTINCT polling option doesn�t seem to work (v4.5.1).

So I�m out of ideas for this afternoon. Any suggestions on how can I accumulate multiple DB triggers/events into a single event?