Accessing webmethods using JMS APi


I am getting the following problem, when i send a message to the Topic
Unable to send message: Invalid Document (212-1263): Document is not a properly
formed document of its type. One or more fields do not match the document defin
ition in the Broker."

I am sending a message to a partcular event,

Below is the code

TopicAdmin topic = AdminFactory.newTopic();

TopicConnection tc = tcfAdmin.createTopicConnection();

TopicSession session = tc.createTopicSession(false, javax.jms.Session.CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE);

TopicPublisher sender = session.createPublisher(topic);

Message msg1 = session.createMessage();

I am new to webMethods and i don’t have any document to read about webMethods. Using JMS API description, i have done the above coding

What might be wrong?

Advice you to go through this document : ‘7-1_Broker_Messaging_Programmers_Guide.pdf’