Accessing JIRA issues using it's APIs

Access issues using JIRA REST API

A developer/tester wants to access issues in JIRA using it’s available APIs and display the accessed data in a GUI form. So what will be the correct way to access it? How can we filter out specific issues by providing only the “label” in the API? And how can we store these retrieved data locally to make accessible faster?
So I am trying to make all these clear to you with the below-provided information.

Here I am using JQL. JQL stands for JIRA Query Language (not to be confused with Java Query Language). It’s the most flexible way to search for issues in JIRA and is for everyone: developers, testers, project managers, and even non-technical business users.

This is an example of an API which is available inside domain.

And if you want to do some query using this API then you have to provide “/search?” after the URL.

Here I will show you the full URL to access all the issues filtered by a label.

Here I am giving “platform-qa” as a label. And the search will start from index 0 and will continue till the end.

And we are saving all these accessed data into a json file. Which can be further accessed whenever required.

Below is the sample code of the above description–


The stored .json file will be looked like this –

And after that, any application can access this .json file and display the data present inside the file as per their requirement.

For example , I will show you one simple HTML page where we can integrate the .json file using some javascript code and display the content in a tabular form.

And the HTML output will look like this-