Accessing a JAR in another package

I’m sure at some time in the past I did the following:

  • Make a package named Package_A
  • Put a JAR file in Package_A/code/jars
  • Make a package named Package_B
  • Put Package_A in Package_B’s ‘package dependencies’ list
  • Write Java services in Package_B, which used classes from the JAR in Package_A

The advantage of this is that if I want to deploy a new version of the JAR, I can reload Package_A, rather than bounce the whole IS.

However, I didn’t keep notes, and now that I try this again - I can’t get it to work. Any ideas of what I might be missing?

Hmm, I’ve confirmed that this ought to work - numerous forum posts at Advantage, and something in the Developer user guide.

But it’s currently not working for me. Any hints on how to debug such a situation?

Put the jar in the jars/static folder. Take a look at the Administrator’s guide.

  • Percio

Do you get any specific error when you save the java service?