Access/Invoke web service from browser


I Have made a simple service and generated a wsdl file with the following properties:

Host: localhost
Port: 5555
Target namespace: [url]http://localhost/[/url]
Protocol: SOAP-RPC
Transport: HTTP

My service is in the folder “requestPerson.Services” and is called “GetPrivateCustomerRQ”.

How can I access the web service from my browser?
I have tried the following address but i wont work:


Thanks in advance


Web services are not invoked from a web browser. You need to create a soap message and post it to http://localhost:5555/soap/rpc to invoke it. You can write a simple Flow service to do this using pub.client:soapRPC.

Also, don’t use soapRPC for anything beyond experimentation due to interoperability challenges discussed elsewhere in the web services forum.

Read the SOAP Programmer’s Guide and Web Services Developer’s Guide before more testing, if you have not already done so.