Access denied for consuming Web Services(SOAP-RPC)

Hi All,

I am getting this error message for SOAP Requests in wM 6.1 ,when i access my WebService from a “Web Service connector” in the Developper :

[ISS.0088.9134] Exception occurred while processing the body of the message [ISS.0084.9004] Access Denied
for the SOAP request…

I have set the Execute ACL to anonymous…still it does not work …any ideas?

A “Web Service Connector” implies that you are calling web service, therefore setting the ACL on the connector restricts the execution of the connector. The actual error is suggesting that the remote web service has authenication requirements. Check the SOAP RPC call and verify that you are setting the authenication parameters correctly.

set the Execute ACL to anonymous…restart the server
it does work.