Access CentraSite from application

Hi ,
i have an application and there are anything between my application and CentraSite. I am trying to read and write to CentraSite db from my application. For example, i have an asset type. Users are creating some asset by the help of centrasite and i will read and write that assets in my application. How can i achive this ? (JAXR or something else) Can i take CentraSite Csaf connection from outside of centrasite ? When i try write CantraSite i am giving ObjectLock exception.

Thank you


have a look at the samples that are supplied with CSAF.
They are in the /redist/csaf folder of your CentraSite installation.
There is a CRUD sample dealing with custom asset types and instances of them. The documentation for CSAF can be found here:


Thanks for your reply Daniel. i initialized BeanPool and i read some asset. i have another question. When i trying to update object, i am giving ObjectLock Exception. How can i disable lock mechanizm ?

i am using this code for getting the beanpool;

SessionContext context = null;
RegistryProvider provider = null;
try {
provider = new StandaloneRegistryProvider(registryUsername,
registryPassword, true);

Configuration conf = new Configuration();

            context = SessionContext.createInstance(conf);
      } catch (CSAppFrameworkException e) {
            // Do something with the exception

BeanPool beanPool = context.getCurrentBeanPool();