About generate webservice connector in portlet project

Hi all,

I have a question about generate web service connector in the portlet project, in general, we have two ways to create web service in portlet as below:

1.First generate a webservice provider to a flow service, then generate web service connector to the webservice provider in portlet project, we can through endpointAddress (http://IS Server Name:port/ws/servicepath) to invoke it in portlet.

2.Direct generate a web service connector to a flow service in portlet project, we can through enpointAddress(http://IS Server Name:port/soap/rpc) to invoke it in portlet.

Which way have better performance? please kindly give me your advise, thanks in advance.

The first way is the recommended approach. The Integration Server team could probably explain in more details why they strongly recommend that all web service clients connect through their web service providers.