Can anybody tell when go to → Compose–> Generate Code–> For Calling this service from another Service and after clicking next -->finish
a message comes
The generated Code has been copied to the clipboard

But I didn’t found any clipboard .
Where it is located ?
Thanks in advance


“they” mean the clipboard of your operating system. In Windows, use “ctrl+v” for example to past the data (plain text).

Good luck.

Hi ,
Thanks for helping me.
But I want to know where it is saving the generated code.From where can I get that code after copying it.

The “clipboard” is a place in memory the operating system uses to copy and paste data. So, it’s not actually “saving” the code. It’s placing it into the clipboard. You can then “paste” the text into the “Source” panel in webMethods Developer using [CTRL Key][V] pressed in combination. You could also paste the code into your favorite development tool such as JBuilder or into a text editor such as notepad. Hope that helps.