abort queries


is it possible to abort a query in the server?
I use Tamino

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unfortunately, no. But you can set time limits for max-query duration, if I remember correctly.



Hello Timm,

yes you can set a time limit for max-query duration. But there are many queries who need a lot of time to be finished. So the max-query duration is very high. If I execute a small query with errors it will run until the max-duration is reached. If I notice the error before the time-out I would like to abort the query. So the performance will increase.

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limiting execution time for certain query would be very usefull feature. I also have a problem, if the user through the application starts for example search in the big collection with very loose condition resulting in long execution time. In this case i want to limit the time of query execution to max. abt few seconds, otherwise this kind of request would consume big amount of resources and is practicaly of no useā€¦
Maybe there is some workaround?
bye, Pavel