A Weired Problem

HI Experts,
I am trying to copy various java services into a common folder.When i paste a new service .The source code and imports are getting over written.If i lock one javaservice all the services are getting locked.If i unlock all are getting unlocked.I am new to java can any one please help.Thanks alot in advance



In webMethods, a folder that contains one or more java service(s) is actually a java class and each service in the folder is a method of that class. Everything under the shared tab (ie imports, extend, implement and source) is shared by all the services of the folder. When you copy a service and paste it into folder containing other java services with different contents in the shared section, the contents of the shared section get over written.

In order to get the java services from different folders/packages into a single folder… create a new service in the target folder, give it an appropriate name and then in the service code area of newly created service, copy and paste the code of the source service. In addition to this, you will have to see what are the contents of the shared tab in the source service and you might need to copy them too (append them to the target service’s shared contents).


Got it…Thanks alot

Also when you copy JS from one package/folder to another the input/outputs and shared contents,imports will not get copied,so after you copy set the above stuff save it and run the service then only the JS will be active to use.