A real easy question visualizing a pubsub in 60

How do I visually see a pub/sub of a document occurring in 6.0?

In Enterprise Server 5.0, if I had integration component A publish to integration component B, I could use the Document Tracker and the Enterprise Monitor to see that the pub/sub was taking place.

So now in the 6.0 world, I might want a service in package A to publish a document to service B, through the Broker. How much setup is required and what tools do I now use to see that the pub/sub has taken place?

Thanks, (A somewhat confused) Green Lantern.

Hi confused Green Lantern,

Just use the old Document Tracker and Enterprise Monitor and point them to your new 6.0 Broker. It still works!


Be careful here… I asked the same question to our wM support rep and was told: “It [Doc Tracker] should work, but it isn’t offically supported by wM…”

So it seems to me, it may work but if you run into issues, wM isn’t going to do anything about it…

I’m awaiting word if there will be a tool to replace Doc Tracker…

If anyone has heard anything, please let everyone know!!!


The tools are available for download on advantage but with the caveat that any use will not be supported.

Keep in mind that the doc tracker and monitor are really a broker clients that subscribe to documents so if you are performance testing, unnecessary traffic will result.

Also, when you connect with the tools, go to the WmBrokerAdmin and take a look at the clients list. If you disconnect prematurely (i.e., java.lang.OutOfmemory and Doc Tracker stops), the broker will queue up the documents.

Both EnterpriseMonitor and DocumentTracker are still available on Advantage in the Best Practices > Utilities and Samples area.

The DocumentTracker readme file contains the following statements:

Both utilities appeared to connect to and work with my 6.1 Broker with no problems (except for some weird UI stuff for DocTracker).


I just saw the recently published “Comprehensive Support List” and Document Tracker is listed with an “end of development support” of 7/31/05 and “end of maintenance” of 3/31/06. It is strange that they would have end of support dates for an “unsupported” product. I wonder if there is something coming in 6.5 that will replace it.


I tried to search for this utility in Advantage site under “samples and utilities”, but didn’t see anything as “document tracker”!

Do you know any other place from where I can have this utility and some documentation?

– NS

Send a support request to webMethods for this software.


Thanks for your response mcarlson!

In fact, I got it from somewhere else.

– NS