A process step got a "Waiting" status insted of Completed

Hi Everybody.

I´m in trouble with this case:

  • I have a process with a couple of branches (A and B) running at the same time, both go into the same activity (C) which as been defined as AND, when activity A and B are completed then the activity is completed too, but in my case, when both (A and B) are completed, the activity C get a “Waiting” status.

we tested two ways:
1.- we set up the activity C as AND. and we get the Waiting Status.
2.- we wet up the activity CA as Gateway, and get the waiting status too.

In other process in similar need we use AND and it works with no problem . all the activities finished as Completed.

Attached you will see screen shouts about this issue.

maybe it is a product issue or maybe a implementation stuff. Im using WM 8.0

I appreciate any help and support.

  • Rigoberto Lopez

Hi Everybody.

The issue was solved. the problem was: we had a dead path before the step C. despite of the two previous steps were completed, then step C was waiting for that dead path

The process was redesigned and now it works well.

       - Rigoberto.