9(8)X9(6)V9(3)X Representation Details (Rosettanet PIP)...


I have found 9(8)X9(6)V9(3)X - Representation in DateTimeStamp in one of the below PIP element in RN PIP 4C1 .

  1. thisDocumentGenerationDateTime.DateTimeStamp - 9(8)X9(6)V9(3)X

Please help me to find out what it describes.


I found the answer from Rosettanet support.

Here 9(8)X9(6)V9(3)X indicates the representation for this field(DateTimeStamp).

  • 9 represents a number value (e.g. 1, 2, 3).
  • (8) the number in parenthesis represents the max number that
    section of the information can contain (e.g. in this case 8) - which
    refers to this section, YYYYMMDD, of the informal format described
    above. (Eg:20061026)
  • X represents a character (Eg: T separarater for date and time)
  • (6) represents the section, hhmmss, of the informal format
    described above. (Eg:092636)
  • V represents the decimal point(Eg:.)
  • 9(3) - number 3 digits - (Eg:003)
  • X - represents a character (Eg:Z)

Example: 20061026T092636.003Z - The seconds and milliseconds are

Hope this info helps.