9.6 and Broker


Can someone confirm that 9.6 still has Broker? I am under the impression the it has UM so Broker is not going to be part of 9.6.

Thanks in advance


It has both broker and UM.

As far I know we have separate license for broker and UM. You can make a choice whether to use UM functionality.

Somehow I knew you have the answer.

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Hi Derek,
Broker is available in 9.6v but not anymore in future versions. Broker 9.6v will be the last version.


Thanks Senthil.

Now I know we can convert Broker documents to UM. But what happens to the clients written using the broker API? Is there a UM API? Do we need to change our code to use UM API?



Thanks, it this information provided in the documentation. Can you share the details please.

that is not correct. Broker is supported and available over 9.6. New customers are encouraged to start with Universal Messaging. Existing customers using Broker may swap to UM (but please contact you sales representative for details), but do not need to currently.

I agree with martin comments

SAG has plan to deprecated broker in 9.5 it self(this was mentioned in 9.5 upgrade webinar), Since there is huge oppose from customers it started selling both

But new customers are encourged to use UM only.

That depends on the understanding of deprecated.

Right from the release of UM as messaging backbone for webMethods it was clear that Broker will be available and supported for quite some time for existing customers. So there was no need for customers to oppose to this (beside if there was a misunderstanding in communication).

New customers should start with Universal Messaging directly. That’s still valid and imho will not change.

Thanks for the details. :smiley: