7.1.3 to 8.2 upgrade


Has anyone migrated form wM 7.1.3 to 8.2?

I'm curious what problems you have discovered so far (I will post here the most important issues that we will encounter).

Are ALL the fixes from 7.1.3 present in 8.2?

Has anyone tried to migrate from Oracle to SQL Server?

Did your projects (task apps, processes, services, adapters, etc) required modifications to be compatible with 8.2?

Have you noticed performance improvement/decrease in 8.2?


Hi Vlad,

The 713 to 82 migration has been tested in the RnD labs. We should soon get to know of any customer projects on the various forums. Let us know if you have encountered any issues already. Which customer are you trying this migration at. All fixes are present in 82 except those that might have been released recently. Oracle to SQLServer migration is a custom migration exercise that needs to be designed and developed by the customer himself. Please check out the Upgrade guide and the Upgrade checklist for any modifications required to the application modules.


Vlad -
Did you happen to notice any peculiar issue with the upgrade which you might want to share with the community??