7.1.3 - 8.2.2 interoperability matrix

Is anyone aware of such matrix for interoparability for the various WM components?
I.e.: 8.2 Broker can interact with 7.1.3 IS…

Didn’t find something in the KB or docu section.

Broker is always backward compatible. So yes, you can use Broker 8.2 with IS 7.x. However, you wouldn’t be able to use additional features that are introduced with Broker 8.2.


For Broker we expected this. But what about the other components? TN, IS?

No, other components are not backward compatible…

Its a chain of reaction that happens by upgrading other products. If you upgrade IS, you need to upgrade Process engine which is part of IS, which requires Monitor followed by MWS as Monitor requires new screens & so on…