64 bit JVM provided by Sun v/s 32 bit JVM provided WM.

Hello All,
We are running webMethods 6.5 on Solaris on a 32 bit JVM provided by webMethods.From webmethods 6.5 release we have an option of using 32 bit vs 64 bit JVM.we are thinking of using of pros and cons of using 64 bit JVM vs 32 bit.

Could some one explain pros and cons of 32 vs 64 bit JVM? which would be a better choice.

Thanks In Advance.


Hello All,
Just to clarify that both 32 bit and 64 bit JVM is provided by webMethods not SUN.


The JDKs redistributed by wM for Solaris are from Sun. Sun 1.4.2_07.–4T7ZHMLZQJ:escher.elis.ugent.be/publ/Edocs/DOC/P106_004.pdf+jvm+32-bit+64-bit+vs&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=4

Shows that a 64-bit JVM uses more resources and performs a smidge slower than a 32-bit JVM.

From the webMethods Technical Report “Hardware, JVM, and Operating System Performance Tuning Recommendations” dated November 2005 (Version 1.0)