4th iPaaS Puzzle: Where is the International Space Station?

This is our 4th iPaaS Puzzles!

Don’t we all love a little puzzle, even more if it helps us keep our webMethods skills sharp. If the solution is practical and immediately applicable to the benefit of the environment even better!

4th iPaaS Puzzle: Where in the world is the International Space Station?

Doesn’t the ISS look magnificent? As if straight out of a Stanley Kubrick movie, but it is real! Not faked like the moon landing :wink:

There is an Open API that you can call and it returns ISS’s Current Location)

Our 3rd iPaaS Puzzle Challenge was a bit, well how shall we say it, challenging :wink:

We hope that this time even as a beginner you will be able to create an integration and post your result to this thread. Do it now, we wait!

Stretch goal
As the main Puzzle is doable, the music for the pros is playing with the stretch goals.

BTW the rules to these Puzzles are like the derived from my favoit game: Calvinball!


Calvinball is a game invented by Calvin and Hobbes. Calvinball has no rules; the players make up their own rules as they go along, so that no Calvinball game is like another.

Rules cannot be used twice (except for the rule that rules cannot be used twice), and any plays made in one game may not be made again in any future games.

  • You can come up with your own stretch goal. As long as you integrate the original API somehow somewhere in your solution it is fine!
  • Actually, bonus points for coming up with an intriguing stretch goal and actually solve it :slight_smile:

Potential stretch goals are:

  • Enter your current position and calculate how many Kilometers/Miles away from you the space station currently is.
  • Create an integration that accesses your location of your phone to calculate how far away you are from the International Space Station.
  • The space station is orbiting 248 miles (400 kilometers) above our heads. As far as I know the position that they are giving of the ISS is a point on the earth. Therefore our distance is to that point plus 400km. How much is the straight line? How does it change if you are on top of Mount Everest?
  • Trigger an SMS to my phone the minute the ISS is rising above the horizon and traveling towards us. Share in the message the direction where to look for it. Stretch stretch goal, only send it at times when the ISS is visible in the sky.
  • Update: Stretch stretch goal: Send me a message with the exact date and time when the ISS is flying in front of the moon. Ideally at least 30 minutes in advance, so I can set up my telescope to catch it :slight_smile:

Post your stretch goal suggestion in the comments.


Please post your solution to the puzzle as replies to this thread.
Use the “blur spoiler” tag to hide your results so that folks must click on your solution to indicate they want to see it!

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We will briefly talk about the different solutions for this week’s puzzle, what to learn from them, and introduce next week’s iPaaS Puzzle. Hope you can join us.

The 4th iPaaS Puzzle Show will be in on Friday the 18th of November 8am CEST! and 5pm CEST! Details to come!


Just have your solution posted before the iPaaS Puzzle Show on Friday the 11th of November 8am CEST. If you want to be invited on the show, please post your solution by Thursday the 10th of November 8am CEST.


The winners get fame and glory. We want this to be a friendly competition and we want to highlight great work, without having to crown a winner.

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The actual prize may look differently!


Thought about our challenge a bit more. Here is a mad Scientist level stretch goal. Inspired by this article: Stunning photo captures space station crossing the moon in rich detail

Can we create an alert that informs us of the ISS passing in front of the moon in time for us to set up a telescope and recreate that iconic picture?
That would be so cool!

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I have you two examples - very basic starting point.

A pure map page and distance to a hardcoded place (SAG HQ Darmstadt): LINK - small or LINK - large
Few more Words and Details: LINK

The pages are intentionally made in German language, but also in a way they can be looked at with GOOGLE Translator like THIS

If you like to see the code just let me know. :wink:


Thanks @Holm_Steinland3!

I love the little map with the dot and the bubble: Hello World! The ISS is here! :slight_smile:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-25 um 17.25.05

Distance to SAG Darmstadt is: 7191.217733898266 km
It took me a bit to realize that there is a dot in the km number aka the ISS is at the time 7191km away from Darmstadt and at the moment flying away from us.


This distance is calculated on the surface of earth using a NodeJS function. You can use that to determine when it is close to you and trigger some alert.
How far you can see to the horizon depends much on your location. That you need to consider for your special tasks.
I leave this legwork to the programming experts. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it is really fascinating how fast the ISS is flying around the world. Thanks Holm for adjusting your solution, so that at the bottom only the exact kilometers are shown that the ISS is away from Software AG HQ :slight_smile:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-26 um 16.59.10

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-26 um 17.00.10

Refreshing the page within a couple of seconds and almost 100km further away the ISS is. :slight_smile:

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As requested here as example my WM.IO WorkFlow for it.

Details - 2 more clicks. 😎



Thanks Holm!

I created a new project in my instance of the webMethods Forever Free Edition and loaded the two solutions into it. Love that you don’t have to unzip them to get them installed.

I first loaded them into a different project, but was able to clone them into my new Fourth iPaaS Puzzle project.

Looking forward to built on top of it! Thanks again, Mark.


Ideally you import them a “Recipe” and then from there deploy them to your project needed.

and then you see them like:


The soundtrack to listen to while solving our iPaaS Puzzle: Around the World by Daft Punk!

With that we also found a fitting soundtrack to our 4th iPaaS Puzzle: Around the World by Daft Punk :slight_smile:

P.S. Love the comments to the video:

  • Other artist: “we have to make our lyrics poetically good and catchy”
    Daft Punk: A R O U N D T H E W O R L D
  • After years of listening to this song I finally memorized the lyrics.

This comment blew my mind:
Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-26 um 17.18.16

I thought it deserves it’s own comment :slight_smile:

One more little gem of Holm’s Solution to our Puzzle is, that it automatically updates the page ever so often. So now I have it in the lower right corner of my screen and hope for a clear sky tonight, so I can see it coming by :slight_smile:

Now if we only had a solution, that pinged me when the ISS is coming by, or one that I can call with my coordinates and it tells me the time it will pass by again. Even better, if it also tells in which direction I should look to not miss it.

That would be so cool. :slight_smile:

Here is my solution using FlowServices. Two options to invoke the API 1. Using REST connector and 2. Using HTTP request.
Steps in my flow:

  1. Get current location of ISS
  2. Calculate distance from Software AG Bangalore office

Below is the screenshot of the code

Option 1 - REST Connector

Option 2 - HTTP request

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A quick solution to allow the ISS to be embedded in Cumulocity and using webMethods.io to get the location and the people in space. webMetods.io also allowed us to manage the conversation from http to https and mange the CORS requirements. The image of the ISS is a rotating 3d model


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