401 Error, when accessing from API Gateway to Cumulocity

Cumulocity: Frontend 1018.503.1 / Backend 1018.540.0
webMethods(.)io/apigateway with API-Definition 10.18.0

I tried to access Cumulocity according to the course ‘Cumulocity IoT Integration with webMethods(.)io API Management (CL234C28-7FE)’ with the ‘Outbound Auth’ Routing-Policy ‘Basic’ and my Username and Password for Cumulocity IoT.

But I get the Error-Message:
{“Exception”:“API Gateway encountered an error. Error Message: Native service provider error. Code : 401. Request Details: Service - First Test-API, Operation - /inventory/managedObjects, Invocation Time:2:02:19 PM, Date:Jan 16, 2024, Client IP -, User - Default and Application:null”}
regardless, how I try to call the API (CURL or via Browser).
(If I call the translated URL [the URL of Cumulocity] directly, it works…)

I’m using the free trial instance of Cumulocity IoT and the Free forever Instance of webMethods(.)io API-Gateway

Many Thanks for any assistance!


it seems, that this is the Problem:
«User ‘xyz’ is managed by a remote identity management service defined by an administrator, direct update is forbidden, please use dynamic access mapping in single sign-on configuration : Cannot update.»
I do log in into Cumulocity IoT via Software AG Cloud…
How can I circumvent this?

If I remember correctly, it is not possible to use a Software AG Cloud user to access Cumulocity from API Gateway, nor any webMethods product: you need to explicitely create a user in Cumulocity (through administration app), and use that user to access your tenant from webMethods products. You might also need to prefix your username with the tenant ID like this: <tenant ID>/<Cumulocity username>.
The tenant ID is accessible from the top right menu when you click on your user icon. Should look like this: t123456789.
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Thank you, you definitely helped me! :slight_smile:
(but the domain is not needed)