2 IS instances with the Same TN database

In our production environment we want 2 IS instances with separate Trading Networks. Can we run both trading networks instances off a single TN database? I was thinking of doing this so that I can connect to a single TN and look at all transactions on both IS’s.
1. is the above arch sound?
2. If we have the above arch and then decide to cluster the 2 IS, will the above arch present a problem?
3. If I have totally separate IS instance with TN’s on separate databases, can I use wmMonitor to manage both servers and see all transactions on both servers in one place?

Yes, you can do this. In a recent project there were 6 IS/TN instances running against a single DB instance. Worked well.

  1. Yes.
  2. No. (I’d recommend hardware-based load balancing as opposed to wM-based.)
  3. One place, yes. Same time, don’t think so but I may be wrong.