WSDL import with custom catalog

We have to import WSDLs that contain XSD references to non-existent URIs. They can be imported into other tools like XMLSPY or Oxygen using something called a “custom catalog” (Attached). In the catalog we specify an alternate location to the non-existent URI. Kind of like the “hosts” file for TCP/IP.

But to import these WSDLs into webMethods, we have to manually edit all references to non-existing URIs to point to local locations (that exist).

My question is, did anyone use a custom catalog with a WSDL and successfully import it into WM as a webservice connector. If yes, please let me know how you did.

Also, if anyone has any better idea (than manually editing the WSDLs) please let me know.

Custom Catalog
CustomCatalog.xml (1.0 k)

I am also doing something similar to what Prasad is doing but not with the “CustomerCatalog” attachment.
I am trying to improt a diffrenet .wsdl file and I am getting the following error
WSDL code: S-9036
[ISS.0092.9036] Error: Could not process document. Found binding with an invalid PortType reference, no operations were created.

Can any one help both of us.
Thanks in advance.

If you look in the WSDL file there is <porttype> attribute and which should be same as type attribute of the <binding> element.
Please check if the WDSL file was generated properly.