WmtndocaddContentPart StorageRef

Hello ,

Does anyone know how to create a storageRef and pass to wm.tn.doc:addContentPart Service.

I have a Large Doc identification problem because of RIP…so i thought of storing the xml data to the file and give the file reference to the addContentPart service.

It would be great help if someone could let me know how to create a storageRef from a File.


Ravindran - What’s “RIP” and “storageRef” ?

RIP-Reverse Invoke Proxy
StorageRef is a Object input

I did find a solution to this …i created a service merging getFile and wm.EDIINT.util:streamToBytesOrReservation


Is there a way to achieve this (create the Reservation object) for people who don’t have the EDI module?


I am not able to create the reservation object with
wm.EDIINT.util:streamToBytesOrReservation. Is there anyother way?

I have 2 services in my service.

  1. getFiles (returns stream object)
  2. streamToBytesOrReservation (to create the reservation object) – But here I get exception and not able to create the reservation object to send the EDIINT large docs!

Any insight about what should be done?