WmSubversion 7.1 checkout multiple repos


I’ve followed the docos of installing and configuring WmSubversion on a 7.1 IS and it seems to work as expected.

I’ve tried to do something a bit more fancy and not have the whole package folder under version control. I’ve done this by doing a checkout of a package folder into the packages folder:

cd $IS_DIR/packages
svn checkout http://path/to/repos/project1/trunk/src/packages/myPackage1 myPackage1
svn checkout http://path/to/repos/project2/trunk/src/packages/myPackage2 myPackage2

This means that each package will be under a different repository.

The problem I’m having is that when I try to create a new package in the IS, it fails (I’m assuming this is because it tries to do an svn add/commit, but the package doesn’t belong to any project just yet)

The possible solution I thought of was to write a wrapper package which does the following:

  1. SVN add - this will take in inputs of Repo, PackageName and will run the svn add command line for that repository, then load the package into IS. It should allow the package to then be committed using the Developer GUI as per normal.

Has anyone else come across something like this and found a solution?
I plan to have a package that can do the checkout, add and export so there is no need to touch the filesystem.


Aditya Gollakota