WmPartners Routing rule editing page failing


I’m using package WmPartners (version 1.0) with SAP adapter 4.6 SP5
When I try to edit a routing rule with WmPartners’ web pages, I get a blank page with the label “error” on top.

This web page was working before but I can’t remember what changed
since the last time I’ve sucesfully used this page. For sure we have installed some service packs (SAP and IS).

What is strange is that the only element that did not change is WmPartners (version 1.0). Also, I get the same error on IS 4.6 and IS 6.1.

Did somebody experienced the same problem ? Is there a SP or fix for WmPartners (I did not find it on advantage).


Try with WmPartners (6.01),SAP Adapter4.6 SP5 on IS6.1,its working for us no problems.


For me there is only one version of WmPartners and it is in version 1.0 of the package. What is the version of your WmPartners package ?