Will Windows hosts file effective for DNS used in Integration server?

We have a DNs name “abc.xyz.com” mentioned in the Proxy servers of IS admin page. As of today this DNS names point to a Primary proxy server ex: Our infra team wants webMethods application alone to have a different Proxy server to be used, by adding an entry in a hosts file for this DNS name, so that we use the secondary proxy server(

They want us to add this entry in a hosts file at /etc folder. abc.xyz.com

So we want to know, whether the webMethods application will still do a lookup at hosts file and direct the call to secondary proxy server. This is needed on urgent basis, as there was a change planned on Proxy server and we need to see whether the WM application can still use the DNS abc.xyz.com but which points to the secondary proxy server ( with usage of hosts file.

Hi Ravindran,

you can specify proxy servers in IS Admin under Settings section.

See IS Administrators Guide for further informations.