Where i could find comwmpkgxsltextension jar file

Hello, i want to use the XSLT package in SAP BC 4.6, so where could I find the Jar File that i need to use the com.wm.pkg.xslt.extension.Output function?

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All jars can be found on <is_root>\packages\WmXSLT\code\jars


Thanks Leo, the thing is when i try to use this package in SAP BC 4.6, it show me an error when i use the flow transformSerialXML i got this error :
com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [B2BXSLT.0002.9003] JAXP: Error during transformation - com.wm.pkg.xslt.util.LocalizedTransformerException: [B2BXSLT.0003.9001] Trax: Fatal Error - com.inqmy.lib.xsl.xpath.XPathException: Could not load class: java://com.wm.pkg.xslt.extension.Output required for execution of ‘put’

do you know how i can fix it?

Thanks in advance,