What is the direction of the Wiki / blog / forum editors?

What is the direction of the Wiki / blog / forum editors?

Is it easy to replace the SnipSnap plugin that looks like it is now obsolete and no longer supported?


Is there a direction of what Wiki/Forum/Blogging software you will be using - and the editors should be a wysiwyg like fckEditor(http://www.fckeditor.net/) or tinyMce(http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/) for editing content in above areas


We had quite a few internal discussions recently on the direction of our Wiki/Forum implementation. In the short term (for the next version) we are improving our existing Wiki / Forum implementation, but the option of replacing them with existing solutions is something we are considering for the future.

Can you tell me in a bit more detail what the expectations are on your end?


Trying to evaluate what wiki’s are out there - it seems that the JspWiki seems to constantly rise to the top on my list.

The important part is I think not having the users to learn another markup langauge(Wiki MarkUp Language-WML) and so a user base(my firm is is full of Lawyers) won’t need to learn the technicals. The key thing is that the editor should be able to look the same to the user from either from a forum editor or wiki editor even though technically behind the scenes they may do different things.

fckEditor is an example of this that extends its current editor to WML:

tinyMce is another one seems to have alot of strength

Thanks for the feedback! I understand your requirement to avoid another markup language for Wiki users. When I last had this discussion internally I made the same point. During the course of the discussion I thought I’d show people a good example of a Wiki implementation that has a WYSIWYG editor. I surfed to Wikipedia and - surprisingly - this huge Wiki site still uses a markup language instead of full WYSIWYG.

I will look at the editors that you have posted above. Thanks again for posting your thoughts!


There are political reasons supposedly behind why they haven’t re-vamped the wikipedia site even though it has funding- see wired article:

Thanks for pointing this article out to me. It’s a very interesting read.