What does "asset is not consistent" mean?


I’m trying to create a clone of an existing flowservice, but I get this cryptic error message. I’ve checked every line of the service, but haven’t noticed any errors that could possibly explain it not being valid. What does it want from me and what should I be looking for?



Hello Medvedev,

Looks like some configurations inside your flowservice are not confiured properly, to get rid of the error make sure you have no errors while saving the flowservice.(it could be accounts or improper mappings).


Which version IS and what is in error logs while you are trying to clone. If possible can you show service snippet to understand what can be the reason. It might be due to java service as well.

The saving of the service works unhinged, only the cloning that is prevented. I did check every step but haven’t found any mapping that would throw an error; if there’s any mapping that is not shown as erroneous but yet obstructs the cloning, I can’t know.

The version is wm.io (cloud) Version It’s not the java service but a regular flowservice; I might attach a screenshot of it but doubt it would be very informative without showing each step’s mapping in particular. There’s no logs of the cloud IS visible to us other than the error message I quoted.

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