Websphere MQ Adapter listener notification sort order problems in version 8.2

I’ve noticed in webMethods version 8.2.x that the Websphere MQ Adapter notification list is not sorted properly.
In version 7.1.3 the list shows up based on package, in version 8.2 this is not the case.
Has anyone else noticed this problem?

I would like to see this fixed as it can be quite difficult to manage enabling and disabling notifications when the default sort order is not by package as it was in version.

I have noticed the same on wM 9.5 too.

Please check, if either WmART-Fix or MQ-Adapter Fix might solve it.

If not it might be worse to check Brainstorm for a feature request and if there is no one available yet, you should start one.

On the other side as a workaround you can sort the list manually by clicking on the column caption.


In my production environments I’m patched with MQS_6.5_Fix24.
I still see this issue. I am in the process of patching to a newer fix level but I have yet to see this fixed by the patches.

I suspect I’ll have to search for or submit a feature request through brainstorm to fix this.

I have used the manual sort option, unfortunately it can be a nuisance when you have more than one listener notification to disable/enable.



We are using WM 8.2 version. We have a bunch of SAP listener notifications. It is getting difficult to identify the specifc notification name by sorting issue. Please let me know if anything can be done from my side.