WebMethods910 - Flat File Dictionary - Fixed Position - Cannot input negative number to "end position" field

According to 9-10 Flat File Schema Developer guide - when using Fixed Position field definition:
“Fixed Position. Counting from zero (0), extracts a fixed number of bytes from a record.
Start Position. First byte to extract from the record.
End Position. First byte that is not included in the extraction. If you enter a
negative number (for example, –1), the extractor returns all bytes from the byte
specified in the Start Position to the last byte in the record or composite.

For some reason. In Designer, I cannot enter ‘-1’ (or any negative number) to the field “End Position”.

Has anyone encountered this issue? Maybe I need to change some setting in Designer?
Thank you.

Hi Marina,

please check if there are any Fixes available for the FlatFile package.
Latest Fix for FlatFile 9.10 I am aware of is WFF_9.10_Fix1.
Checking for Fixes for Designer ServiceDevelopment part can be of help either.


Thank you Holger. This fix wasn’t installed. I will try that.
Kind Reagrds,

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