WebMethods Support for NET Remoting

Does webMethods natively support .NET Remoting? By natively I mean that no COM wrapper is needed in order to integrate it.

Thanks in advance!


That sounds like something that the WmDotNet package will do when it is released later this quarter. Maybe someone from WM could post a description of its capabilities here.

Further down the road (early next year?), the new webMethods Fabric product will offer native .NET support. This would enable webMethods services that “join” the Fabric to invoke .NET services that have joined the Fabric as if they were local IS services. I believe the reverse would also be true. Fabric will also provide transparent failover between “WSDL-equivalent” services written in IS, java or .NET.

Most of Fabric is written in Java, but I understand that the .NET stuff will be written in C#.



Hi Brett,

We plan to have native .NET remoting supported in the webMethods .NET support.

We are attempting to have support for both TcpChannel and HttpChannel remoting services in the first release (which will GA along with the webMethods 6.1 release at the end of the year). If it does not make it into the first release, it will be included in a subsequent service pack release.



Thanks for the info! We will be looking forward to 6.1!

Good Luck!