webMethods Monitoring using Open Elastic Stack


WxMonitoring is a webMethods monitoring solution based on Elastic Search, that provides rules-based log-file analysis and activity monitoring to optimize webMethods operations.


If running multiple webMethods productive environments it becomes critical to keep track of exceptions in near-time and leverage operational costs. WxMonitoring is a monitoring solution based on Open Elastic Stack, that provides a independent, centralized monitoring. It samples existing IS log-files and supports queries and aggregations views. Additionally automatized rule based actions allows you to react immediately after an exception occurs. They simply send mails, raise JIRA tickets or invoke a compensating service. Rules can be easily defined on existing los messages. For business users WxMonitoring provides views and reports on current and historical process executions.

Getting started

Please see attached documentation (and IS package) to get started.


WxMonitoring started as a custom development and was ported to a community version. In November 2018 the first (beta) version 0.1 of WxMonitoring is released to give a first introduction.

Several features will be added to this community edition, depending on customer requests.

Please contact marko.goerg@softwareag.com for more information.

WxMonitoring Installation Guide v0.1.pdf (526 KB)

WxMonitoring.zip (448 KB)