webMethods IUG Conference 2023 sessions available on demand


We are delighted to share the news that selected recordings from the webMethods IUG sessions are now available for on-demand viewing. Аll you need to do is log in or sign up to our on-demand platform. Registration is completely free and will only take a minute of your time.

Prepare to be amazed by the groundbreaking innovations revealed in our roadmap and strategy update, and our Generative AI Future iPaaS plans. You will also learn how some of our customers are using the webMethods plaftorm to transform their business and bringing cloud, on premise and edge all together.

Product Strategy Update

Suraj Kumar, General Manager API & Integration, Software AG

webMethods is geared towards some major enhancements. Get an update from Suraj Kumar on our API & Integration strategy and vision that we are heading.

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webMethods Update & Roadmap

Subhash Ramachandran, SVP Product Management, Software AG

Join Subhash Ramachandran, SVP of Product Management for API & Integration, as he presents the updates in webMethods 10.15 and gives a preview of the future plans for the platform through this Roadmap Highlights.

  • Building an ecosystem around your APIs and other assets
  • Empower end users to create custom integrations
  • Simplify your workspace
  • Integrate with webMethods API Gateway
  • Automate software delivery for private cloud deployments

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A DataOps Approach to Global Data Observability

Arvind Prabhakar, CTO and co-founder, StreamSets

DataOps is a necessary practice for delivering continuous data analytics. While many equate DataOps as “DevOps for data”, smart data pipelines are the foundation needed to enable a people, processes, and technology framework for DataOps.

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Multi-Cloud Integration: Where the Edge Meets the Future

Dave Pemberton, Director, Product Management, Software AG

Join us for an exciting session with Dave Pemberton and learn how webMethods is paving the way towards the Connected Future with Multi-Cloud Edge-Based Integration.

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Revolutionizing SaaS Integration: Unveiling the Future with Our Generative AI Future iPaaS

Dave Pemberton, Director, Product Management, Software AG
Bilal Farrukh, Sr Director, iPaaS Growth CoE, Software AG

Prepare to transcend traditional boundaries with us at this year’s International User Group (IUG) meeting. Join us as we pull back the curtain on our next-generation iPaaS, powered by Generative AI that harnesses the power of GPT automation, similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT plugins, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Without revealing too much, you can expect a ground-breaking platform that will revolutionize the way you integrate and automate SaaS to innovate within your digital landscape. This isn‘t just an evolution; it’s a revolution. Be a part of the future of SaaS integration; join us, and let’s build the future together.

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Not your grandpa’s API Management

Przemek Kulik, VP Product Management, Software AG

Dive into the world of API management with Przemek Kulik, who shares with us details around the present and future of the webMethods API and its continuous (r)evolution.

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webMethods.io iPaaS Next Generation architecture for running workloads anywhere

Rob Tiberio, SVP Chief Architect, Software AG

Let Rob Tiberio walk you through the future of webMethods and its next generation of multi-cloud architecture.

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Differentiate by Design

Mohit Sharma, Chief Design Officer, Software AG

Mohit Sharma dives into the impacts of AI on Design and explores the possibilities of what’s next and how design can create differentiation.

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CrossVista SmartBranch - the World’s First Intelligent DevOps Platform. UNIFIED. SELF-AWARE. ACTIVE.

Pedro Moniz-Barreto, Scriptless DevOps Evangelist & Sr. Director Sales EMEA, CrossVista Inc.

The new patented capabilities of CrossVista SmartBranch make it different than any other DevOps tooling on the market today. SmartBranch can capture all relationships between all versions of your project assets, including code, configuration, compiled binaries, tests, databases, packaged apps, and more. It identifies conflicts WITHOUT doing a merge and provides a process for resolving conflicts before they become problems, making waterfall and CI/CD methodologies more efficient. Finally, SmartBranch deploys changes to physical environments, automatically runs tests, and does more WITHOUT the need for complex scripts. Come see the future of software development!

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Decomposing the monolith / Plug&Play Integration

Igor Tkáč, IGT Consulting
Andreas Lehner, Team Lead, MM Service GmbH

The ever-changing business requirements change the business strategy of companies – and the IT strategy needs to support this. For MM, this meant organic growth, including the Post Merge Integration projects related to it. To reduce the lead times of those integration projects, they adopted an API-first approach to integrations. Learn more about their journey with webMethods which resulted in less effort and a higher degree of automation.

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A small business with a vital mission

Tobias Epstein, Managing Director, Medical Industrie GmbH & Co. KG

Medical Industrie GmbH & Co. KG is a family-owned business that specializes in the wholesaling of medical devices, first aid equipment, and other life-saving products. Operating in a highly competitive market with high demands, they soon realized they needed robust hybrid integration to help them connect their cloud-based sales platform to the on-premise ERP. Tobias and his team chose webMethods.io as one of the best hybrid integration solutions on the market. Explore this great example of how a growing company without a lot of in-house IT expertise can leverage the power of webMethods.io iPaaS and its out-of-the-box capabilities and flexible, transaction-based pricing.

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webMethods in Croatia Insurance company – The journey to digital transformation

Ivana Levatic, Croatia Insurance
Igor Steficic, Croatia Insurance

Founded in 1884, Croatia Insurance is the market leader in Croatia, with a long tradition and a broad spectrum of insurance products. Like any traditional company, they had to adapt to the challenges and trends of today’s digital economy. Three years ago, they chose webMethods integration and the API platform as the key components of their IT transformation strategy. Since then, they have used them in building a fully digital insurance brand, implementing market-leading CRM, and many other products. In 2023, after a successful upgrade to webMethods 10.11, the team built the service layer for their new innovative loyalty-based product.

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Enterprise Integrations - A strategic journey

Suman Mokhamatam, Head of API & B2B, Ericsson

As apps and IT landscapes change rapidly nowadays, Enterprise Integration strategies are becoming more important than ever. Many companies are starting to understand that customer experience is equally important to enterprise agility, being data-driven, and getting the best out of modern technology investments. Choosing the right Enterprise Integration strategy is essential in this business transformation journey.

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A B2B modernization journey for a Global Steel Manufacturing Company

Soumya Shetty, TCS Integration & B2B pre-sales and solution head, TCS

TCS has been partnering with Software AG for more than 20 years within the domains of Enterprise Integration, API management & microservices using webMethods. Additionally, TCS has extensive experience and a track record in B2B integration, consolidation, and modernization. In this presentation, TCS will present the TCS SHIP (Software AG Hybrid Integration Platform) B2B implementation journey for a Global Steel Manufacturing Company.

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Hybrid Integration

Sascha Reinhard, Vice Service Domain Owner Integration (IT Director), Fujitsu

Hybrid Integration is a balanced way of solving integration demands and brings the benefits of cloud adoption for Quality of Service and reduction of costs to the solution. With a focus on integration work and a reduction in non-core efforts for infrastructure and security, SaaS integration products have evolved to cover the majority of enterprise-ready integration requirements.

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“Hey Siri, write that getCustomer service” AI driven development – revolution or another buzz word?

Jerzy Niemojewski, CTO, Savangard

Let’s take a look at some of the challenges that Generative AI and its usage present: code quality, sensitive data, and intellectual property rights.

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Panel discussion: Getting ready to ditch the data center

Angel Tcholtchev, Product Manager, Software AG
Rob Tiberio, SVP Chief Architect at Software AG, Software AG
Ann Marie Bond, Director of Product Marketing: APIs, Integration & Microservices, Software AG
Goran Drača, Integration and Software Development Director, United Group B.V.
Jan Brodacz, Head of Integration, Collaboration and Test Automation, WienIT GmbH

Join a discussion about why and how to get your integration software out of the data center and into the cloud—public or private. We’ll talk about market trends and different approaches and get firsthand experience from customers that have embarked on the journey.

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