webMethods.io B2B Essentials Devbytes


  1. Introduction to webMethods.io B2B

  2. How to Register for a Free B2B account?

  3. Overview of B2B Dashboard

  4. Customer UseCases Implemented using Software AG B2B platform

  5. B2B Use Case Implementation

  6. Understanding EDI Basics

  7. Setting Up an Enterprise Profile

  8. Setting Up a Partner Profile

  9. Creating and Configuring AS2@ & Http Channels

  10. Creating EDI/XML Documents

  11. Creating Processing Rules for EDI Message Processing

  12. Submit Outbound Transactions

  13. Submit Inbound transactions

  14. Understanding Transaction Monitoring

  15. Understanding Certificates

  16. Understanding Trading Partner Agreement

  17. Registering New Environment on webMethods.io B2B

  18. Understanding Asset Movement

  19. B2B Tips and Tricks

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