webMethods email port not able to read emails from gmail

Hi Team,

We are using an IMAP email port to read emails and save attachment files.

For outlook/office 365 emails it’s working fine but not able to read the file name etc. for non-outlook accounts like gmail accounts.

Do we need to do anything else read the emails from these accounts correctly?

Path: mimeHeader/Content-Description we are looking for the attachment file name.

webMethods version: 10.11, fixes: IS_10.11_Core_Fix5
Trading Networks Server 10.11 Fix 2 installed.

Let me know if any other details required.

Many thanks in advance.


Use the service pub.flow:getTransportInfo.
You will find that it includes the name of any attachments sent in the email.

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Hi John,

Thanks for your reply, we did use this service to get the attachments etc.

The issue is only with Gmail accounts, it’s working fine with outlook/O365 accounts.


Hi Team,

We fixed this issue, we are looking up for file name under mimeHeader/Content-Disposition path now, this path has file name details for all type of email accounts.


Are you able to share how mail port is configured to read from gmail?

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