Webmethods Automated Build and Deployment Guide with Jenkins

Now I success CI CD IS package to IS remote but with ACL and global variable, alias… it still not deploy to target server

  1. I found tutorial but it missing some file, Does anyone have file word “Assetcatalog_for…”

    in webmethods Automated Build and Deployment Guide with Jenkins - PDF Free Download

  2. I try to deploy ACL with jenkins but it not success, I add to master_build/build.properties


And project.properties in “webMethods-sample-project-layout-master” Demo: Continuous Integration with webMethods - YouTube


But it not success, please help me how to config to deploy IS ./config folder by jenkin step by step

Now I can deploy User, group, ACL to target server by setup build.source.dir,build.source.project.dir,is.acdl.config.dir with config directory here

But I still cannot deploy Global variable or Alias

Does anyone help me?