Wanna play first league? ARIS 10 SR 14 is here

The new ARIS 10 SR 14 has been released mid of April 2021 and brings some new features to you that make working with ARIS much easier and more comfortable. SR 14 raises the bar for business process analysis and process mining with the new SaaS edition: ARIS Process Mining Enterprise. Process modelers will like the new flexible satellite modeling for accelerated model design.

Detailed delta trainings for self-study

In addition to the feature improvements, it’s now also easier to get familiar with these new features via self-study. You can now watch detailed delta training recordings from product management on-demand with an existing Empower account on the Software AG learning portal. They include software demos and all the technical facts of the new features. Start with the ARIS 10 SR 14 Overview Delta Training and then decide what other trainings are most valuable for you. The below described features are all presented in more detail in these delta trainings.

ARIS Premium Services for premium results

There’s even more. We provide new expert application-level services for ARIS SaaS customers: ARIS Premium Services. Read in the post what’s in for you.

Full flexible satellite modeling

Satellite modeling has been introduced a while ago in ARIS Basic and ARIS Advanced. Now it’s also available for ARIS Enterprise users. This radically new approach of how to do modeling in ARIS reduces your efforts for business design & strategy a lot and changes the way how you work.

To see a short demo, have a look at these videos:

Relevant training: ARIS 10 SR 14 Web-based administration

New and easy way of documentation

The new “documentation” fact sheet in the ARIS Enterprise portal for rollout and change management will allow you to create, consume and contribute additional model or object contents that typically are kept in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or other related documents in an appealing way.

You can complement your business process with additional information, copy & paste content from webpages, or from existing documents, insert links, upload images and format everything quick and easy.

Relevant training: ARIS 10.0 SR14 Enterprise Core

Web-based administration

The new web-based administration saves you time and effort and makes your business process transformation projects much easier. The overarching goal of the innovations in this area is making your work simple, intuitive, and seamless.

For example, database & access management and method & filter configuration can now be handled on the web.

You find a short demo video about database management here and a short demo video about method & filter here .

The new web-based administration also includes a new content types configuration that replaces the portal item configuration (with seamless handover) and allows a flexible satellite modeling.

Relevant training: ARIS 10 SR 14 Web-based administration

What’s new?

The “What’s new” area in your portal provides you with the latest news every day. This allows you to get a quick update on the current status of an approval process or see if an approved (model) change has been published since your last login.

Always up to date

As soon as it has been published, you’ll get a link in your “What’s new” area, where you can click on the notification to jump to the comparison view and to look for further details and what has been changed.

Relevant training: ARIS 10.0 SR14 Enterprise Core

In-tool onboarding of new users

This new feature helps to accelerate the onboarding of new users that are just getting started with ARIS Basic and ARIS Advanced. Onboarding journeys help them find their way through the product. The goal is simple: Take a walk on the happy paths to make the most of ARIS!

Depending on the user type and the corresponding usage scenarios, we provide helpful guidance with our interactive tour through the tool, accompanied by explainer videos or other useful assets.

Try it out by yourself and sign up for your free trial on www.ariscloud.com!


Relevant training: ARIS 10 SR 14 Overview Delta Training

Role-based content filters

This new feature is especially valuable for large companies in industries like manufacturing, retail or telco that have a variety of filtering categories as, e. g., business units, countries, roles, or locations. For these large companies with matrix organizations, it is a challenge accessing the right content. So instead of browsing a huge catalogue with, e. g., 200 roles, it’s much easier to browse in a hierarchy of combined filters that work over multiple dimensions.

ARIS Enterprise Admins can now configure dependencies for multiple filter dimensions. Once it’s set up and defined, everybody can use it.

Relevant training: ARIS 10 SR 14 Enterprise Core

ARIS Knowledge Bot

The new Knowledge Bot helps you to make the most out of ARIS. You can take an onboarding tour, get to know the latest features, download cheat sheets, and search ARIS Community for best practices. This will make your life easier!

Just check it out or watch this short video to see how it works:

Knowledge Bot in ARIS Advanced

Process conformance checking with ARIS Process Mining

With the recent release of ARIS Process Mining Enterprise SaaS, we just saw new functionality being available around Conformance Checking. But what can Conformance Checking mean for your organization?

In general, process mining can be used to perform both conformance and compliance analysis.

  • Conformance analysis identifies the gaps between the reference process (to-be) and the actual execution (as-is).
  • Compliance analysis furthermore verifies whether a certain process or organization complies with a policy, standard, control objective, or regulatory requirement.

Relevant training: ARIS 10.0 SR14 PROCESS MINING SAAS Delta Training.

You see that the new ARIS 10 SR 14 can bring a lot of benefits to you. If you have questions or need further information, contact us.