Using Subversion 1.8 with Integration Server 9.9

Hi everybody.

I have read the document Configuring the VCS Integration Feature on page 28.

It explains about VCS Requirements of Integration package.

VCS /Version
Subversion /1.4, 1.6, and 1.7

Someone could tell me if you’re using Subversion 1.8 with Integration Server 9.9.

Is there any compatibility issue about using this environment set?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Jennifer,

I am not sure about the version compatibility, but for me this is feature is not usable at all.

This is due to the fact that it requires modification on SVN server which I will not get configured by my SVN admin.


Thanks Holger!!

I’ve been trying to configure VCS (Subversion) with Integration Server 9.9. and it has been very difficult to set.

I’ll keep trying it and I’ll keep you update with comments of it.

Best regards!