URL for downaload wM products / fixes


what’s the correct URL for download wM products / fixes???

I’m trying [url]http://advantage.webmethods.com/[/url] but i’g getting following error
‘Missing DSConnect.badResponseFromServer’ during the ‘Authenticating user name and password’ step.

I’m sure that is not a network / firewall problem.

My installer (java jar file) version: 011905
OS: Win XP

Or it’s possible to download fixes directly from advantage website using web browser??? Beacuse I haven’t found any link to download the fix I want.


You should not need to supply a URL if you are using webMethods Installer to download products and service packs. Installer itself can be downloaded from the Software Downloads section on Advantage.

Depending on your role with your company you may be able to download fixes directly from Advantage. You must be an Authorized Technical Contact (ATC) with Software Download privileges. To see who in your organization has what roles, click on the “My Company” link in Advantage.


Mark, thank you for your quick reply! Yeah it works now, it’s not needed to supply the URL in wM installer ;o)